"The Silent Corner" (2017) spoiler review

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"The Silent Corner" (2017) spoiler review

Postby Schrijvertje on Wed Jul 19, 2017 2:31 pm

Not that impressed with this start of a new series. I don't see why Jane Hawk is such an important character to Koontz. Perhaps he knows her better than what he has shown us of her in this first book, because the characters here don't have much depth in in my opinion.

The story is too reminiscent of older Koontz works, even up to the "Manchurian Candidate" reference. A combination of "Sole Survivor", "Night Chills", "Dark Rivers of the Heart" and elements from the Frankenstein series.

Koontz has a long history of people being brainwashed and/or programmed to do things they'd never do normally ("False Memory", "The Key to Midnight", "Strangers") and of mad scientists trying to improve human beings by adding "stuff" to their bodies ("Midnight", "By the Light of the Moon", the Christopher Snow books). "The Silent Corner" simply takes these things to a more mainstream techno-thriller level. When I first read the premise of the book (random people suddenly committing suicide) immediately I knew what was really going on because I remembered Skeet from "False Memory" wanting to jump off a roof, and a guy in "Night Chills" driving head-on into a bridge abutment; both of them brainwashed/programmed.

The interrogation scene was the coolest one in the book. Here I finally started to get a glimpse of the kind of woman Jane Hawk actually is. Ending the book, I don't know much more about her than at the start. Luckily she became more human to me when her son is introduced. That added a connection to my personal life and made me share her fears. But other than that I didn't get much out of this novel.
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