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  • Welcome to the Dean Koontz Community!

    This is a dedicated forum devoted to bringing together fans of author Dean Koontz. Joining is free and easy, and here you will meet all of the like-minded Koontz fans you have been looking for to discuss books, movies, Golden Retrievers, or anything else a Koontz fan might have an interest in.


    Hardcover, 1st edition, 416 pages, Random House Publishing
    Release Date: JULY 1st, 2014

    Click HERE for the Barnes & Noble.com listing for this title.

    The Fifth and Final Volume of Dean Koontz's FRANKENSTEIN Series, THE DEAD TOWN, is now available! Click HERE for the Barnes&Noble listing for THE DEAD TOWN.


    Christopher Snow/Moonlight Bay

    The third book in this planned trilogy, which would have followed FEAR NOTHING in 1998 and SEIZE THE NIGHT in 1999 and been titled RIDE THE STORM, is currently the most delayed and probably the most anticipated Koontz book that has yet to be written. He reportedly reached the halfway point and decided it had gotten too large and epic in size and put it aside to finish it later. Problem with that is, he still has never returned to the book to finish it. Sorry, there is still no definitive information on when Dean Koontz will actually get around to writing RIDE THE STORM. But he has promised us all that it will be written, so hang in there!

    On the other hand, there is some information that carries over from new information on the Odd Thomas books, and that is this: Odd Thomas and Christopher Snow will meet. We know this because Dean Koontz himself revealed this information in a Barnes & Noble video blog. You can read the discussion thread about this in the Koontz News and Updates Forum in the Dean Koontz Community Index by clicking HERE.

    Edit: However, and I hate to keep doing this, but recent information after the writing and publication of ODD APOCALYPSE has indicated that Koontz has gone back on his earlier plan, and will not be doing any of this. But, hey, you never know with Mr. Koontz, do you?

    Paperback News:

    ODD APOCALYPSE is the newest available mass market paperback reprint. Click HERE for the B&N.com listing for this title.

    Upcoming Release Schedule:

    - THE SERVENTS OF TWILIGHT trade paperback edition, release date: [/b]September 3rd, 2013[/b]. Click HERE for the B&N.com listing for this title.


    Graphic Novel/Comic/Manga News:


    Some essential Dean Koontz Links:

    Official Dean Koontz Website - http://www.deankoontz.com/ The Official Koontz page. Need I say more?

    Stu Weaver's Dean Koontz Page - http://koontz.iwarp.com/index2.html - The best online resource for collectors, clicking on a book title provides first edition information on all Koontz books, including the rarest of the rare.

    Koontz Bibiliography - http://www.xmission.com/~emailbox/koontz/koontz.htm - I don't know who runs this site, but it is very well done, comprehensive, and always up to date. Includes an alphabetical listing with publisher info, book covers, and summaries, as a well as a Timeline.
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